Monday, 21 November 2011

A walk down the Nicky Line

Rodders was happy playing in the garden but he hadn't been out on his lead today so I got my wellies and coat on before calling him in.

As soon as he spotted what I was wearing he was bouncing around with excitement but I managed to get him to sit long enough to have his lead put on.

We walked out the house to the right and towards the mini roundabout before going left to the bridge and down the steps top the Nicky Line. We turned left and came back under the bridge. Rodders is walking so much better and most of the time is happy trotting along beside me. He will stop and sniff at things but usually moves on when asked.

We met a lady coming towards us with three dogs and we stopped for a chat. Rodders is the first Mini Schnauzer puppy she has seen and she thought he was gorgeous. She was also pleased to see that I didn't even try to pick him up when her dogs came towards him. I told her that I thought he needed to get used to them and as long as he doesn't seem upset by them I would never pick him up. She gave him a fuss before we turned around and headed back the way we had come.

Rodders started to pull a bit so I made him sit a couple of times and when that didn't work I started to use the choke chain to check him. By the time we got back to Pentland he was walking nicely again.

Doing this route means that he is exposed to traffic a little each way and I hope that this will help to settle him down a bit and get him used to it.

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