Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Rodders & OH

There is no doubt that OH loves Rodders, who else would give up so much sleep for him? I know that he does it as he loves me too and knows what a grouch I am if I don't get my sleep, but he also does it because he loves Rodders. Luckily it is a mutual appreciation society!

Rodders adores him and, when I put him on the bed when I am here on my own with him, the first thing he does is goes to OH's side of the bed and has a good sniff, to breathe him in.

When OH is here Rodders is very happy to be in his company. Like this morning, once I got up and came downstairs Rodders is happy to stay upstairs with him. I could hear OH go in the shower and call him and then I could hear thump, thump, thump. When I went to investigate Rodders was on the landing playing with his slipper. Mean Mummy would have had him shut in the bathroom with her!

When OH got out of the shower Rodders went to lap up the water from the shower tray and then off of OH's legs and feet. He did also try to get the towel but was quite good when he was told no.

OH picked up his slipper on route to the bedroom and as he was getting dressed Rodders dragged his spare shoes, in their carry bag, all the way from the other side of the bed to the landing.

Once OH was dressed he came downstairs but Rodders didn't seem to want to come too, until he said bye bye - he shot down the stairs then.

As OH went out the back door Rodders went too, I could hear OH struggling to get out the gate so I called him and he came running which gave OH time to get out and shut the gate. Rodders then went back to sniff the gate and bark as he listened to OH getting in the car and driving away. Once he was sure he had gone he was happy to come back in and settle down for a rest on his new bed pad.

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