Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A quiet morning

OH got ready for work and Rodders and I saw him off at the patio door. Once he had shut the gate I let Rodders out and he stood on the patio listening until OH drove away before going for a sniff about.

He came back in for a bit of a play but he was still quite dopey and soon wanted up on the sofa. I settled him on my knee and then moved him and snuggle fleece to the floor where he slept for over an hour.

Once he woke up he was happy to play in the conservatory for a while before asking to go in to the garden. He was out there for ages playing and gave a couple of barks but was generally quiet until he heard Bob next door, he deserves lots of barks apparently and it was almost as though they were having a conversation over the fence.

Rodders came back in and, because I had left the lounge door open, it wasn't long before he took himself upstairs. I grabbed his Kong and filled it with the rest of his kibble, OH had given him his breakfast but he hadn't eaten much, and followed him upstairs. He was very happy to chase his Kong around the bathroom floor and emptied it in record time so he must have been hungry. I washed and cleaned my teeth and then watched him playing.

We moved in to the bedroom and after a sniff about I let him up on the bed so that I could get dressed in relative peace.

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