Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Quite a walk

Rodders did his usual somersaults when I put my coat on and it was tricky getting my wellies on when he was jumping up and knocking them over but we were ready for our walk after about 5 minutes.

It took 3 attempts to get him to sit and wait at the door but we got there and could get on our way. We headed to the Nicky Line and then headed right to run parallel with the Rugby field. We walked right to the top and then on to the field itself. Rodders was very happy and so we walked two sides of it before coming back via the road. He sat down twice and lay down once on the Nicky Line but walked all the time in the field.

I have been trying to get him to walk to heel on the roads but giving him a little more freedom on paths and fields. Coming back today he was getting spooked by the traffic and I had to keep stopping him and making him sit as he was almost strangling himself trying to run ahead. He did eventually get the hang of it and I only needed to do gentle checks. He did sit and wait as we crossed the roads so we are getting somewhere.

Once home we had the same problem getting him to sit and wait at the door, 3 attempts. He then came in and ran around like a nutter for 5 minutes, behind chairs over carpets and back. He then collapsed at my feet on snuggle blanket and has been there for almost two hours.

I am not too bothered as I think Skevi will be in soon and I need him rested for Puppy Party tonight at the vets.

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