Monday, 21 November 2011

Not such a good night

Att 11pm I woke Rodders up and took him in to the garden for a piddle. He wanted to come straight back in but came back when I said he couldn't go to bed without a piddle.

As we walked back across the patio I stupidly kicked a stone in to the gully and Rodders thought it was maybe time to play, so I repeated that it was bedtime and he toddled off in to the house and his bed. He sits there very nicely while I lock up, put out lights and get his treats. Usually as I lock the crate he is munching his way through what he has been left.

Once I was upstairs he did give out a couple of barks, possibly because I was walking about doing things.

At 3am this morning he was barking so I got up to let him out in the garden, he was desperate for a piddle but I also noticed that next doors security light was on. As he came back in Rodders ran to the stairs to grab a slipper but was swiftly collected and put back in his bed and told it was bedtime. He cried for about 5 minutes while I tossed and turned for an hour!

I didn't hear him again until 6.50am. I came down and let him out of his crate for a quick fuss before letting him in the garden. He was out there a while so I went to check where he was, he came trotting over and back in for a play in the conservatory.

He also led me to a piddle on the floor :-( Not sure when he did it as the edges were dry, but he knew that it shouldn't be there. He let me clean up without attacking the kitchen roll but he did show some interest in the stain and odour remover.

OH rang to see how we were, at which point Rodders wanted up for a snuggle, OH could hear the puppy squeaks down the phone. Rodders went and sat  on the rolled up carpet  when I put him down looking for mischief. He soon found it so I slipped his lead on, he isn't bothered by this at all, it is just something else to chew!

He was trying to bite my coat and me so earnt himself a few checks. When he tired of being told off he asked to go in the garden so I took his lead off as I let him out. When he came back in he picked it up and went and sat on the rolled up carpet waiting for me to put it back on. Obviously knew that he was still in mischief mode.

I have put the Clix noise and sounds CD back on this morning. We hadn't used it for about a week but his reaction to fireworks last night shows we need a bit more training. We had got up to volume 2 but that was bothering him this morning so I have turned it down to 1 and he is fine with it.

After another trip to the garden and a bit more playing he is now resting at my feet on snuggle fleece. Almost shower time I think.

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