Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Not ready to get up

Rodders spent his evening moving between OH and I and he asked to go out in the garden twice, so I didn't expect him to want a piddle at bedtime but I took him out anyway.

He brought himself back in but didn't go straight in to his bed, there were too many distractions as OH was in the kitchen getting a drink, but as I was walking around locking up and switching up lights he found his way. I gave him his treats and closed the crate for the night and OH made our way upstairs. There was the odd little whimper but he settled down for the night.

OH's alarm went off at some ungodly hour and Rodders didn't make a sound until OH got out of bed, when he started to bark. OH came down and let him out of his crate but he thinks that Rodders wasn't really ready to get up. He did play a little and he went in to the garden but he was more interested in having a snuggle.

They both came upstairs to wake me and I let Rodders up for a play on the bed while OH went for a shower.

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