Thursday, 24 November 2011

An afternoon in the garden

Rodders has spent a lot of time in the garden this afternoon and I have been out to join him a couple of times to poop scoop and to collect up the stones and put them back where they belong at the end of the patio. He was barking quite a lot as people were out in their gardens or behind us in the garages, I hope it doesn't get too much for the neighbours!

Rodders ate most of his lunch and then, when we went upstairs to the bathroom, he ate the rest of his breakfast (or was that last nights supper!) so I am not sure if he will eat his supper tonight especially as he also got three extra treats while I was filling up the treat pot from the cupboard.

Rodders decided that he was staying upstairs so I left him there for a little while and then enticed him down with one of his toys. I do need to check the back bedroom just in case he was up to any mischief in there while he was up there on his own.

He has also played with his toys and was running up and down the full length of the house while I was trying to do some figure work for OH. Rodders then decided it was time for a snooze and went and stood with his front legs on the sofa barking at me. I took the hint and came and sat down on the sofa. Once he was asleep I transferred him and snuggle fleece to the floor where he is now.

OH has called to say he is on his way home so I need to go and start dinner shortly.

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