Sunday, 27 November 2011

The devil woke up

So, after a very nice snooze on his new bed bed, the puppy that woke up appears to be a different one to the one that fell asleep!

Instead of the lovely, well behaved puppy that I started with I seem to have a little devil! But the little devil can be quite funny too!

He woke up and sneakily started to bite his new bed pad and when I stopped him from doing that he tried to bite me :-( His lead has been put back on for a while to see if we can stop that. I have put the bed pad back in the crate for now.

He then saw his yoghurt pot and went bouncing off after it and played for a while with that. Next he tried to get the bed pad out of the crate, luckily he can't do that as it is quite a good fit. But we do have to stop him biting it.

We have played fetch with his ball until he got bored, he has tried to bite me and been checked a few times, he has tried to eat cables and been given a firm no and he is still bouncing off the walls. I do hope he is still like this when OH gets here!

So it would appear that sleeping on snuggle fleece or on my lap does not give him a proper rest and this new bed pad is very much needed. Maybe even his bed itself is now too small, honestly I haven't seen him this lively in a couple of weeks.

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