Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I fell asleep on the sofa last night with Rodders at my feet on snuggle fleece so it was about 11.40 when he was put out for his last piddle and got put in his bed with a couple of treats. Not a murmur!

We almost got to 6am this morning before Rodders was really vocal and I felt I had to come down!

We went straight out in the garden for a piddle and poop before coming back in for me to make a cuppa. While I was doing that Rodders dragged the snuggle fleece out of his bed (normal) closely followed by the bed pad (not normal). He seemed very pleased with himself though and took it straight to the rolled up carpet!

He played for a little while and then came and had a drink when I changed his water bowl, but it was more fun to bat it with his paws so that it spilt. Then a bit more play before going in to the kitchen to bark so I went to get his breakfast. He ate half of it before finding his toys far more interesting.

A bit more play and then a bark to say let me up, followed by some more play.

He came upstairs to the bathroom with me and was happy playing so I managed to get washed before he got bored and started barking. It was before 6.30 and we don't want to wake the neighbours too early so we came back down.

After a little play and a sniff around he ask to go out again for a another poop.

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