Thursday, 10 November 2011


Rodders ate most of his breakfast today, about half of his lunch, a carrot top, a couple of small treats and licked to death an empty bag of walkers cheese & onion crisps.

I have also started taking a small handful of kibble from his bowl when I go upstairs to the bathroom to put in his Kong which is using up what he leaves from his other meals and giving me some peace to do what I have to do.

I just woke him up while I went to the kitchen to put a baked potato in the oven and gave him his supper. He ate it all, the first time I have seen a clean bowl in one go since the first few days he was here :-)

He then walked in to the kitchen, looked as though he was going to sit, lifted his head right back so it was almost touching his back and belly flopped on to his tummy with his four legs splayed. This was closely followed by a belch!

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