Saturday, 5 November 2011

Half an hour later

Rodders woke again and wanted to come up on my knee. He settled quickly but just wasn't right. I was starting to wonder if the flea and worm treatment given that morning had upset him. Checked with OH and he didn't think so.

All of a sudden Rodders started retching, I grabbed him and put him down and we ran for the back door so he could go in the garden. We didn't quite make it and Rodders was sick near the kitchen door. He ran out in to the garden and I threw kitchen roll down on top of the sick before I followed him out.

I don't think he was sick again out there and he wanted to come back in fairly quickly. I left the door open for a little while just in case and started to clear up.

Whatever it was, he seemed better for getting rid of it and wanted to help me clean up! I first lifted it with kitchen roll and then got down on my hands and knees to wash it with a mixture of star drops and water, finally drying it off with more kitchen roll. Rodders was very happy to join in.

We then went and sat on the sofa with him in my arms. He went right off to sleep and I was watching him like a hawk. Three quarters of an hour later, when he seemed to be OK, I took him on to the garden for the last piddle of the day and then out him to bed with a couple of small treats and went upstairs. Not a peep from him until 6.45 this morning - good job really, it was well after midnight when we went to bed.

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