Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I dried my hair!!!!!

This may not seem like a huge achievement but until I was sure that Rodders could be trusted upstairs I haven't tried to blow dry my hair at all since he arrived. The two times it has been done is when Ailie was looking after him and when Donna did it on Saturday.

Rodders and I went upstairs when I knew he was calm (he had been on my knee for a little while) and I picked him up and put him on the bed. He snuffled around and went straight to OH's side and was having a very good sniff, I think he recognised the smell!

He was intrigued by the noise my mousse made and came for a look and when I picked the hairdryer up he wasn't sure what it was. When I switched it on low and pointed it at him he was almost sneezing but not bothered by it. I turned it up and started drying my hair. He just lay down beside me or behind me as I was doing different sections :-)

I wish I had been able to take pictures but with a brush and a hairdryer it would have been tricky, I am not an octopus!

He wanted down while I got my clothes together and was happy trundling around while I got dressed. When I was going in to the bathroom I said "Rodders, bathroom" and he went straight there.

I managed to sort a load of washing but he was starting to get bored and making squeaky noises so I carried him and the washing downstairs and let him in the garden.

To save any arguments I did move the laundry bag out of the bedroom while we did this! I also took a toy and snuggle fleece but we didn't need them

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