Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Did you know

Did you know you can get over half of Rodders breakfast kibble in a Kong? No, neither did I!

Anyway I nipped upstairs while Rodders lay on snuggle fleece and refused to move while I got his Kong, came down and stuffed it and then encouraged him in to the garden for a piddle and so I could check the back gate (which is OK). He wasn't happy to be in the garden and just stood on the lawn crying! What is that about?

Anyway, back in and feet cleaned, he was happy to follow me upstairs to the bathroom. I gave him his Kong and he was quite happy chasing kibble until I opened the shower door. He came and had a sniff and then went back to his Kong. I got in the shower and left him to it. The Kong kept him going while I washed me, my hair & conditioned and he only barked once when the shower water went off. I opened the door and he came in to lick the water from the shower tray.

We came back downstairs and he went in to the conservatory to play while I made a cuppa. He then asked to go in the garden and was happy mooching about until he heard Bob next door. He stopped to bark at him and so I went out to A) shut him up and B) Check if they heard him in the night the last two days.

They did hear the fox and heard him after that, but not before. Pat had got up to use the bathroom just before the fox, wonder if that is what unsettled him the second time and the fox the third?

He has come in and is happy playing. Or was, he spotted a toy in his crate and was trying to get it out through the bars. The little monkey managed to move the crate before I intervened and showed him how to get it out the other way, through the door.

Going to go and try to blow dry my hair shortly. Wish me luck!

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