Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It was going so well

Rodders had been in the garden for ages, he has learnt to dig by the way, so I went out to check what he was up to - chasing leaves on the back patio up near the fence. He spotted me and followed me back inside.

He had a quick fuss and then disappeared between the dining table and the dresser so I went to check what he was doing - having a piddle :-( I grabbed him, saying a firm No, and threw him outside again. He wasn't happy and barked all the time I was cleaning up.

Once I let him back in he got a bit manic, chewing things he shouldn't so there was a lot of firm No's. After about half an hour of this he seemed to be full of energy so I decided it would be better to take him out for a walk.

It took us 15 minutes to get his choke chain and lead on plus my coat and wellies, good job we don't need to get anywhere is a hurry!

Once outside there was a lot of sit, walk, sit before we got out of Pentland and then I found out why. Rodders pooped outside No2 and while I was clearing that up he did it again!  I cleared that up and then we were on our way.

We walked to the rugby field and once on there Rodders was running about, luckily my fast walking pace just about keeps up with him. Then all of a sudden he would sit and refuse to move for a few minutes, just looking about and taking his surrounding in. And then we were off again. We probably did about half the field and then came back via the road. He really doesn't seem to like busses and air brakes but he was alright with the traffic other than that.

When we got back I managed to get his collar and lead off before he ran upstairs. I then made him come down by himself and then he ran straight upstairs again, then got half way down and then back up and refused to come down on his own.

He then went off to play in the conservatory with his toys before we played fetch from the conservatory to the lounge with his ball which kept him occupied for a while.

If he has been naughty today I have said a firm no, got his attention and made him sit before giving him praise for the good behaviour, not sure how this is working but he is sitting nicely!

Then he started to get tired and bitey and no amount of no was stopping him. I took myself off in to the kitchen behind the baby gate and he stood and barked, I ignored him and he got bored and went off to play. I came out of the kitchen and he started again so I put him in the kitchen. He just stood there and barked in temper. When he calmed down I went back in and he started to bite me so I came away again. More barking in temper. The next time I went in he sat nicely and gave me a lick so I let him out the kitchen.

We carried on like this for a while interspersed with playing nicely or up to mischief. This is the same everyday from about 4.30 to 6.30, he just gets the devil in him as he gets tired and refuses to give in. He does eventually collapse in a heap!

He did sit nicely on snuggle fleece while I ate a bowl of soup and he did eat his supper so it is not all bad!

I am sure OH thinks I am nothing but a whinge bag as he usually talks to me in the evenings when Rodders is at his worst, tonight I had to hang up on him to go and sort Rodders out.

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