Sunday, 13 November 2011

A late ish start

We went to bed about 11.30. Rodders wasn't impressed at being taken outside at that time and wouldn't do anything. This means that he hasn't piddled since we got home at 10 ish so I was fully expecting a broken nights sleep.

Rodders didn't make a sound until 7.45! How amazing is that? I came down and he wanted a fuss before going in the garden for a piddle then coming back to me for a further fuss. It didn't matter how long I was out there this morning he wasn't doing anything else so I gave up and came in to make a cuppa.

We were back out fairly quickly for a poo.

Rodders has eaten most of his breakfast, some in the Kong upstairs while I got washed and dressed, and he has played in the conservatory and chased his ball. He has come away from things fairly quickly when I have said no and gets lots of fuss then.

He is quite clingy this morning and wants lots of fuss. Not surprising after our busy day yesterday!

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