Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The monkey returns

Rodders slept until almost 6pm when OH rang for a chat on his way home from work. Rodders came in to the kitchen with me while I made my dinner.

From the minute I sat down to eat he was being a monkey, chewing the rolled up carpet, and eventually ended up in the kitchen behind the baby gate when a firm no wasn't getting me anywhere.

He barked and carried on and tried to launch himself at the gate, all because he could not do what he wanted. He tried to get to the towels hanging from the oven door. He was just being a monkey.

Once he had quietened down and I had finished dinner I went in to the kitchen with him before letting him out.

And then it started again - curtains, laundry on radiators, the other rolled up carpet. And without sleep my patience is getting close to the edge. When he is told no or taken away from something he likes to have the last word and it is usually by jumping up and snapping. I have to stop that too so I have to correct that as well. Right now it seems that all I am doing is saying no.

OH spoke to him on FaceTime and it doesn't seem to have made much difference, but it was funny watching his head going from side to side when he could see and hear OH. A much needed laugh.

Rodders has been for a wander around the garden, not sure he did anything. He came back in and tried to chew the carpet again so he hasn't paid any attention to me or OH.

At last, he is sitting on snuggle fleece playing with his ball at my feet, please let this be an end to it tonight. We only usually get this constant bad behaviour when he is tired.

And then, while chasing his ball the curtains suddenly moved, here we go again!

Edited to add, less than 10 minutes after posting this Rodders had fallen asleep on the floor on my feet. Doesn't even need snuggle blanket. Photo taken, must come back and add that when downloaded. Think that is 2 today.

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