Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More walk, sit, walk

We were late going for our first walk today as Rodders has slept for a lot of the morning and wasn't too lively first thing.

As soon as he saw his choke chain he was leaping around with excitement but it still took me 5 minutes to get it on, then 5 minutes to get my wellies and coat on while stopping him escaping up the stairs and a further 5 minutes to get him to sit long enough to have his lead on. So there you have it, 15 minutes to get out the house!

Rodders walked quite nicely around Pentland and almost to the Rugby field before sitting down. I got him going again but once we were on the field he was a nightmare and at one point lay down refusing to move. I took him through the trees on to the Nicky Line and the only time he sat down was when someone walked past us. He trotted along quite nicely until he got a leaf stuck to his leg and then he whinged until it fell off. He was quite happy to see another dog but wasn't very impressed when it ignored him.

We walked under the bridge for a little way and then came back and up the steps by the church. He sat each time a car came past and nearly lunged at a bus. He was happy to get off the main road and back in to the estate. By the time we were approaching home he was walking very nicely.

Once in the door he tried to escape upstairs but I wouldn't let him until his lead and choke chain was off. I managed to change out of my wellies before I went and got him back. He came down all by himself but needed a lot of encouragement again.

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