Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Our first walk

We came downstairs and I grabbed my coat and put on my wellies. Rodders wasn't sure about this at all and was having a good sniff. I made him sit while I put his lead on and then opened the front door and stepped out.

Rodders stood sniffing the threshold and then braved it on to the front step. I stepped on to the path, encouraging him to follow me but he wasn't sure. With a lot of encouragement he shot past the bins and straight on to Peter and Ann's lawn!

We turned right out of the garden and he didn't know whether to sniff to the left or right. We got to the end of the terrace just as Christopher came out of No 1 on his way to college - must find out what he is doing - he stopped to give Rodders a quick fuss and then had to run for his bus.

We turned right again and walked towards the garages. Rodders wasn't sure about going up and down pavements but he managed it with a lot of encouragement. As we got to the next bit of grass he stopped for a piddle, a little further and he had a poo. Good job I have poo bags with me!

He didn't know if he should walk or skip but he seemed happy to be out.

As each car came past he stopped to have a look and then he saw someone else, a young lad that lives at the back of us. Rodders stopped dead and wouldn't move for a few moments. I explained that it was his first time on his lead and he wasn't very sure so the young lad came over and, when Rodders took a step back to try and hide behind me, he got down low and put his hand out. Rodders had a sniff and was then happy to have a fuss.

We then moved on and round the corner, turning right again. So many things to sniff and so many new sights and sounds. As we got to the next corner Rodders found a bit of wood to pick up and then he spotted another dog, a lovely black lab. The bit of wood forgotten he stood and looked at the other dog, it was walking away from us but still very interesting.

He managed to get himself tied up in his lead so I untangled it and we walked a bit further. More kerbs to get up and down, he did better this time.

We got to the other end of our street and turned right again. Rodders was happy stopping and listening to the birds and then skipping off for a bit of a sniff. He then spotted a Cocker Spaniel being walked and stopped to look at that.

As we approached home he turned in to the right house! He wasn't sure about coming past the bins and so shot across the border and then on to our front step. As I unlocked the door he shot inside and was happy to sit and have his lead taken off.

Twenty minutes to get around the block, on my own it would have taken less than five! It has worn him out completely and he wanted to come up on my knee. He fell asleep almost instantly and is now on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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