Thursday, 10 November 2011


Once I got back this morning Rodders slept for almost two hours and then woke up as a bundle of energy.

We went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle - eventually - first of all he had to bark at Bob and Pat and then go and say hello over the garden fence and get a fuss. He has been on the go ever since. Running in and out of the garden, chasing his toys, playing fetch with his ball, tug with the monkey and he has even worked out that when the washing machine is on the water comes down the drain if he stands and waits long enough.

We have had the brushes out and given him a good groom so he looked nice and pretty for about five minutes.

At about 3.45 he decided it was time for a walk and went and stood at the lounge door and barked. Once I put my coat on he was nearly beside himself and when I went in to the hall to out on my wellies he ran up the stairs and stood at the top barking. I brought him back down, got my wellies on and then it took ages to get him to sit before I could put his lead on.

We eventually got out of the house and turned right. As we got to the top of Pentland we met Lillian and Chris, back from a shopping trip, and they stopped to talk to him (& me in the end!).

We walked to the Rugby Field and then on to the Nicky Line. He was walking much better, although rather than sitting down he did lie down one time! Once on the Nicky Line a Golden Retriever was following us and Rodders kept messing about until it caught us up so he could say hello. He was then nearly running to catch it up again. Until I man on a bike came towards us with a Shitzu.....

Rodders stood there, back legs splayed and let the dog approach him! They played for a little while and, even though I thought they were getting a bit rough, he didn't try to hide behind my legs at all. This sounds like progress to me!

Once they carried on we walked as far as the goal posts and then cut back in to the field and walked back towards home. Rodders spotted a King Charles playing ball and was fascinated and kept stopping to watch. He still seemed happy to walk so we turned right towards the road.

We haven't done much walking along the main road so I thought we should give it a try. He was very good and the only time he stopped to have a look was when a bus came past us.

We turned left, then right, back towards home and as we got to Pentland he almost ran the rest of the way home.

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