Thursday, 10 November 2011

Getting Rodders used to being left

My plan was to get home, swap wellies for boots and walking jacket for a better one and to put Rodders straight in to his bed and head off out for a while. This almost went to plan.

As I was swapping footwear he high tailed it up the stairs to steal my laundry. I went and got him back. I managed to change my coat without too much trouble and then explained that I was going out and he was going in his bed. I got his treats and put him in his bed and gave them to him, he was OK as I pulled down the cover on the crate but crying as I made my way to the door. As I stood on the front step locking up I could tell that he had stopped.

As I walked away, happy that he was quiet, I realised that my car key was in yesterday's jeans pocket - I had nipped out when Skevi was here to bring in his bed from the car crate - what a plonker! Nothing for it, I couldn't go back in, I would have to walk down to the local shop and back instead of my planned trip to town to check out M&S, Debenhams and Primarni! I rang OH to tell him so that he could laugh at me!

As I got down to the shops I spotted that the Community Centre Internet Cafe was open today so, after a wander around the shops and the purchase of magazines for the week and the local paper I headed there for a much needed cuppa and sausage sandwich, a bargain at £2.20 :-) I sat there scanning my way through the paper and spotted a BOGOF voucher for Pizza Express to be used by 30/11 - could be dinner one night?

Having wasted an hour I headed home to silence. Rodders was still quiet as I opened the door and came in and only squeaked as I lifted the cover on the crate. He had wrecked the puppy pad but everything else was intact.

After a fuss we went in to the garden, Rodders was almost talking to me with the squeaky noises, probably saying how day you leave me! He wasn't really interested in having a piddle, he just wanted to be with me.

Bob next door started to talk to us over the garden fence, Rodders stayed sitting on the path looking at him and didn't move when I went over to talk to him. We kept talking and eventually he ventured over and once he was feeling braver I lifted him up for a fuss. Having passed the time of day we headed back inside and Rodders wanted up for a fuss, he soon fell asleep on my knee and he and snuggle fleece have been transferred to the floor.

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