Monday, 7 November 2011

Rodders isn't silly

Rodders could tell that I was going out by the change of clothes and footwear. Just before I put my coat on I spotted that he had pooped by the lounge door. As he had been playing in the conservatory and sitting on snuggle fleece beside me I have no idea when he did that, but it had to be after we came down from getting dressed and he hasn't asked to go out.

I cleaned up and sprayed with stain and odour removal and left him in the lounge while I went to the bin by the front door, he barked once. I put on my coat and as I got everything ready he sat on snuggle fleece by the dining table and had a whimper. Makes me feel awful, but at least he didn't run away.

He seemed happy to go in his crate and get his treats and he didn't make a sound as I pulled the cover down. But when I walked away towards the door he started crying, I could still hear him as I locked the door and walked away.

Job Centre and a little shopping done I headed home 90 minutes later. Not a peep as I got to the door, or when I walked through the house and put the shopping down. I think he must have been asleep as he didn't make a sound until I spoke. When I lifted the cover I could see that he has chewed the puppy pad but the water bowl had not been upended today and he was dry.

We went straight in to the garden and it took a while before he was happy to leave my side and have a piddle. We came back in and he played while I made a cuppa and something to eat. As I spotted him chewing the rolled up carpet or the stool I called him and made sure I had his attention before saying gently no biting. He came away each time :-)

Once I had finished eating he came up on my knee on the sofa and very quickly fell asleep. He is now at my feet on snuggle fleece.

OH will be here later, yippeeeee!!!! I love having him around, so does Rodders, and it is good to have some backup!

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