Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rodders makes it to the Rugby Field

After doing a bit of dusting (Rodders wasn't impressed and cried) it was time for Rodders second walk.

I got him to sit and out on is lead in the house and we went out the back gate and left towards the rugby field. He was skipping along and keeping up with my usual walking pace on the whole but stopped a few times to watch, listen or sniff.

We managed over the road, no fuss about the high kerb today, and actually got to the rugby field in just over five minutes, even with a stop for a man throwing things in his bin a bit loudly. We turned left and he was happily running along beside me  on the field until he spotted children, four of them with their Dad. He stopped and sat but refused to move. The eldest child, a boy of about 7 ran towards him, Rodders shot up and disappeared behind my legs. I got down to his level and was stroking him and explained to the three older children that he is only a baby and he isn't very sure of people yet, they were welcome to stroke him but they needed to do it slowly and gently. They all gave him a stroke and then left us to it. Rodders watched them go and was then happy to get on with his walk.

Rodders was happy to run along beside me and we walked to the next road and turned left towards home. He crossed three roads without stopping in the middle but he did try to trip a lady up by zig zagging in front of her on the pavement - he isn't quite sure what to do when he meets people yet!

We turned towards home and back in Pentland he was sniffing all the front gardens until he got to our path and headed to the door.

Once inside he does love to run off with his lead to the rolled up carpet in the conservatory, you can tell by the way he does it that he knows he shouldn't really and he usually gives it up fairly easily when I reach him.

This walking lark is obviously exhausting as he has gone to sleep on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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