Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rodders is getting brave

Skevi, our lady that does, arrived as Rodders was dropping off to sleep but he didn't bark at her. We got the treat tin out as he was being a bit shy and would not approach her. I gave him one first and then she tried and Rodders gingerly went forward and took it.

We chatted for a while and Rodders wanted to come up, he was nearly asleep in my arms, but as Skevi started to work and exciting things like the mop came out he was quite happy to go down on the floor and watch from the kitchen door. He did venture in every now and again to chase the mop, but generally he was brilliant.

Because of all the extra dust from Monday's building works Skevi decided to hoover downstairs before she attacked it with the floor wipes & Rodders hasn't got close to the hoover before. I brought him up on my knee and he was fantastic! No noise at all and he was sat up watching for most of the time showing great interest, the only time he tried to get away was when the hoover came close when he tried to get behind my back. We did let him sniff the hoover when she had finished and switched it off but he wasn't very interested.

He wasn't bothered when Skevi moved upstairs, just came and sat with me. He followed me in to the kitchen as I started my dinner  and was no bother when Skevi left.

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