Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Rodders on the go

Rodders has been on the go since he woke at 11.15.

We have been in the garden, we have played inside and out and he might not be missing his sleep from last night, but I am :-(

He has been haring around the garden like a lunatic and taking his toys in and out. He came back in with a twig at one pint and was happy to take it to the rolled up carpet to chew for a while.

He started to get naughty and was trying to chew the curtains and the duvet hanging on the radiator and was being given a very firm no each time. The little horror kept going back to them and I was trying very hard not to lose patience.

Time for a walk! He got excited when I put on my coat and wellies so I had high hopes that we would get on better than this morning. He sat nicely to have his lead put on and we were off. He walked as far as the green without too much trouble and was walking along sniffing. Rodders then spotted Sophie from No 1 coming home from school and just stood and looked at her, she called him but he wouldn't move so she came towards him. He disappeared behind my legs and took a little while to come forward, she waited patiently and he was OK with her eventually.

We left her at the top of her path and got around the corner. Rodders was happy sniffing until some children were walking across the road, he stopped and looked at them until they were well past us and it took his training toy to get him moving. We got to the next corner and there was a man coming out the house across the road in to a van so we had to stop and watch him too.

A lady that lives in the houses behind us spotted him and came to say hello and give Rodders a fuss. He was very nervous to start with but soon settled down. She reckons she will come out each day to speak to him until he gets used to people - it was her teenager we spoke to the other morning, may even have been our first morning walk.

We started walking again and eventually got to the next corner. We saw three lads running like hell down the road, not sure what that was about but I am sure they were up to no good. Rodders just stood and watched them.

A bit further on and Rodders picked up some treasure (an empty cigarette packet) and from then he almost ran home! Once inside he couldn't wait to get to the rolled up carpet. I let him play with it for a while and then took it away.

He went out in the garden and was barking at someone in the garages behind us so I made him come in.

We played fetch with the ball up and down the lounge and then I made a cuppa. Rodders asked to come up on the sofa and settled down to sleep on snuggle fleece. They have been transferred to the floor at my feet.

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