Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A successful morning

We went back upstairs and I managed to get dressed and we were out of the house for our first walk of the day by 7.30. Rodders was a bit excited as I put on my coat and wellies but sat nicely to have his lead put on.

We turned right, right, right, the same as yesterday but as we got around that a bit quicker than yesterday we didn't turn right in to Pentland but carried on along the road a bit further and added an extra bit on to our walk.

Most of the time Rodders was walking nicely but he did stop and look every time someone walked past on the other side of the road. He was very interested in 3 boys coming out of their house with their Mum but was happy to move on as they were going in the same direction. He wasn't as bothered by cars as yesterday and he only stood for a second when they drove by. Noisier vehicles like busses and trucks got a longer look.

He does walk with his nose down sniffing a lot of the time and he almost broke in to a run at one point.

As we walked back down Pentland, 20 minutes after we set off, he managed to pick the right path to the front door. It took a while but he did eventually sit to have his lead taken off.

OH was on the phone for all of our walk this morning so heard how we were doing and the words of encouragement needed - not too many as he was OK mainly. He just wasn't sure about walking past home.

He is now settling at my feet on snuggle fleece. It has been a busy morning and he is tired out!

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