Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Think he was just tired

It took an hour to get me washed and dressed, put some laundry away and sort out some washing for the machine with my little helper!

He did finish his breakfast using the Kong in the bathroom as I got washed but that kept him amused for a whole 5 minutes. Then he played with his copy for a minute before trying to jump up me.

Once I was washed I took him in to the bedroom and he went straight for the laundry basket and got a firm no. He stopped for a second and went back to it so got a firm no and a tap on his nose.

I out him on the bed while I sorted out my clothes for the day and he did snuggle down for a minute until I said good boy! The next second I turn around and he is behind me so he definitely can get off the bed.

I let him run around after me until I caught him trying to eat the cable for my hairdryer (eek) and then got his toy out the bathroom, he played with that for a minute but thought a coat hanger was better. As long as it keeps him amused and I can get done that's fine!

I put my clean laundry away and sorted two loads for the washing machine before calling Rodders. Every morning when I open the bedroom curtains I pick him up so he can say good morning to Pentland. He usually has a good look around before we come downstairs, today he gave a quick bark as someone was walking around.

Once downstairs he had a quick play in the conservatory before asking to go in the garden. He still just walks towards the door and stands there which isn't very helpful if I am not in sight so I have started to ring the bell that hangs on the door handle each time he goes out. Lets see if he learns to do it for himself!

While he was outside I managed to load the washing machine, unload the dishwasher and sort out some paperwork. He came running back in when he heard the shredder going but wasn't in for long before asking to go back out.

He has found a stone up by the back patio and has brought to all the way up the path, he has been sniffing about, pulling at the grass, barking to let the neighbours know he is here and checking to see if there is any water coming out the drain pipe. Oh, and a bit of digging!

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