Sunday, 6 November 2011

6.30 start, new game

Rodders went to bed quite happily last night after being taken out for a piddle, no noise at all when I went upstairs. It had been a busy day and he was shattered, me too!

He woke at 6.30 and was very happy when I let him out of the crate and had a very quick fuss before we went in to the garden. He had a piddle straight away but was a bit unsettled by noises from the garages. I stayed outside with he and he eventually had a poo before heading back towards the house.

Bob next door was getting ready to go fishing and as he came in from the garage he whistled for Rodders when he saw me in the garden. Rodders shot back out the house to have a look from the patio but didn't make a sound as Bob and I passed the time of day.

We came back in and I made a cuppa and sorted out Rodders breakfast. He was a hungry puppy and ate half of it straight away before going off to play and chew the rolled up carpet.I managed to distract him away from it a lot of the time but he wanted to be entertained so we played tug for a while. I gave him a kitchen roll inner, he hasn't had one for a while.

Once he had chewed the ends flat he was getting a bit bored and was back to chewing the carpet. I grabbed the kitchen roll inner and out some of his leftover kibble in to it. He seems to like chasing it to release the kibble and I have filled it up a few times from his bowl so breakfast has almost gone.

He has also been back out in to the garden again and has been upstairs with me when I went to use the  bathroom.

Bored of eating kibble, he is now chewing the kitchen roll inner.

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