Sunday, 6 November 2011

A strange walk

We went upstairs to get washed and dressed and it would appear that Rodders likes running water. As I was filling the sink with water he was grizzling because he couldn't play but he was very happy when the toilet flushed, strange puppy!

When we came downstairs I put on my coat and gathered everything for our walk, Rodders was nearly beside himself with glee as I put on my wellies and sat on the second step of the stairs for his lead to be put on. He was so excited to be out and we tried to walk to heel and we managed for a little while, Rodders sat at the road and got a liver treat ( this could be a mistake). We crossed the road and walked to heel a little and then Rodders sat down. He wasn't going to move without some encouragement but he did eventually move. We got to the rugby field and we walked a little way but it was very windy and Rodders just lay down. I decided to head towards the Nicky Line where we would be sheltered by the trees.

Rodders walked nicely along the Nicky Line and up the steps by the church. He walked a little way towards home and then sat down, licking his lips. I gave him a liver treat and he walked about 4 steps and sat down again, more liver treats.  He then stopped to poo and let me clear up before we walked a bit further. We got to the corner at the mini roundabout and he sat down and refused to walk. After 5 minutes of coaxing I gave in, lifted him up and walked around the corner and across the road.

Once I put him down again he was happy to walk until we got in to Pentland and it was windy. He sat down and didn't move until I got the keys out of my pocket. He then trotted home quite happily!

So if he thinks he will get a liver treat every time he sits is this why he keeps stopping? Or is it because of the wind? From his early days home as a puppy he didn't like being outside when it was windy.

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