Monday, 7 November 2011

An afternoon walk

It was a bit of an odd walk today, Rodders was excited when I put on my coat and wellies and sat to have his lead put on. As soon as we got outside and while I was locking the door he had a piddle - interesting as I had just asked if he wanted in the garden and he didn't want to go. We got to the end of the path, turned right and walked about 10 feet before Rodders sat down and refused to move for about 5 minutes. I then got him to walk around the corner and he sat down again. Thank goodness a Westie came past with his owner. They stopped so the dogs could say hello and went on their way. Rodders was happy to chase after him but when we got to the end of the road they went left and we went right so he stopped again.

Got him going with lots of excited noises and he stopped again when a squad of children came past with Mums and pushchairs.

Got him going again and he stopped and dashed behind my legs when a young boy (6 or 7) stopped to say hello. This boy was amazing, he is the first youngster not to try and run towards Rodders, he just stopped and calmly put his hand towards him, he was a little star and waited for Rodders to sniff him before fussing him. I said thank you to him for being so sensible and his Mum then approached Rodders too. He wanted to know if he was a yorkie so I explained that he was a Miniature Schnauzer but didn't look like it yet as he hasn't been trimmed.

Got Rodders going again and he wanted to turn right to come home. I did manage to make him go the long way around the square.

We were still out for 20 minutes, but he probably only walked for a third of that!

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