Monday, 7 November 2011

OH to the rescue.... maybe

As we got back from our walk (or sit!) OH rang to say he was on his way.

At that point Rodders was having a silly 5 minutes and was jumping and snapping at me so I had to hang up to sort him out. He was very playful and running about quite a bit. OH rang back and while I was talking to him Rodders started to poop by the lounge door, I grabbed him and put him in the back garden. He wasn't happy and barked and barked to come back in. You can flipping well stay out there until I have cleared up and calmed down.

What is this? We had been dry and clean in the house all of last week. Has he been unsettled by puppy training, meeting other dogs, going out with me on saturday, fireworks? I wish I knew.

By the time OH got here the little angel had fallen asleep! He did wake to bark at the intruder which quickly turned in to a tail wag once he realised who it was.

Once we had all said hello, I had made a cuppa and we had caught up I left them to it and went to have a soak in the bath. It was good to have a break and know that Rodders was in safe hands.

Rodders was very excited when I eventually came back downstairs. OH had been in the garden with him but he hadn't done anything. They had been playing happily together - Rodders love it as OH plays rough with him.

And then Rodders piddled on the floor :-(

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