Friday, 11 November 2011

And the devil returned

So after a rest the devil returned and it seems as though I have spent a lot of the late afternoon saying "NO Rodders". When he has started biting me in retaliation for stopping him I have walked away in to the kitchen, behind the baby gate, and ignored him. He doesn't like this at all and stands there and barks at me for ages before giving up and going off to do something else.

I have found that if I can talk to him before he even starts to chew something he shouldn't it makes both our lives easier as I don't end up with a sore throat from trying to lower the tone of my voice and he doesn't get stroppy with me and turn bitey.

OH rang on his way home when Rodders was up to mischief and so I out the phone on speaker. It was really funny watching Rodders listen to him. He stood with his front feet on my knee and looked at the phone, moving his head from side to side. It worked and calmed him down, maybe I should just have a recording of him saying no and talking to Rodders, it seems to have far more effect than I have had over the last couple of days.

Definitely having a down day and feel as though I am doing a crap job of this :-( I love him to bits and want him to be a happy well balanced puppy. Fingers crossed, I will get there one day

Whilst Rodders was calm I took the opportunity to give him a good brush, can't have him too knotty and scruffy by the time we get to the grooming workshop on sunday!

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