Friday, 11 November 2011

Afternoon walk

I forgot to mention this afternoons walk. We didn't go out until late and it was almost dark by the time we got back.

We went out to the right and then on towards the rugby field. Rodders is still messing around and sits down quite a lot. I hate the idea of dragging him by his lead so I try everything else to get him moving including calling him, getting down to his level and trying to entice him, lifting his back end up, the training toy - does anyone have any ideas what else I can try? I don't understand why he was happy to walk on his lead before we started puppy training classes but has stopped since.

Rodders barked at a couple of people on route. We made it to the field and then turned left back towards the main road, there were no other dogs about but he still kept stopping to have a look around. It was getting cold standing still so I got him interested in the training toy to get him moving and then threw it in front of us for him to chase. This worked until he found something else to pick up, the plastic top off a huge rocket which he carried with him for quite a while before dropping it.

He was a bit spooked out by the traffic, probably because it was almost dark and they had their lights on. We came home the long way around and he was walking much better now, just stopping to sniff every now and again.

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