Friday, 18 November 2011

Breakfast and the end of the adventure

Once I was up I threw on some jeans and boots and took Rodders in to the garden and he piddled and pooped before I brought him back in so I could wash and dress properly while OH took the crate back to the car.

We managed to take the rest of our luggage out to the car before breakfast and OH went to settle the bill.

Again, because we had Rodders with us, we needed to eat in the bar and I had taken a snuggle fleece with me. Rodders was amazing and settled at my feet with a toy very quickly. He was so quiet that the hotel owner, Cole, didn't even realise he was there and wondered why we weren't in the main restaurant! As soon as he spotted Rodders he came over to give him a fuss (& tell us what a handsome boy he was), as did the waiting staff.

Breakfast over and it was time to say goodbye to OH as he headed off to work. I slipped the extendable lead on Rodders and let him have a run around the garden for about twenty minutes, sniffing and exploring, before putting him in the crate for the long journey home.

He was very good in the car until we were about 10 minutes from home when he started barking. Unfortunately there was nowhere for me to pull over & stop as we were in traffic which meant that Rodders piddled his bed. No matter, we have a spare bed pad and it washes.

I would say that was a successful adventure and good experience for Rodders - Not so sure OH will agree as I am sure he will be a bit stiff and tired today!

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