Friday, 18 November 2011

First night in a hotel

Once back from dinner I took Rodders in to the garden while OH brought in his car crate. It didn't quite fit where we wanted it to go in the bathroom but it did fit.

OH then took Rodders back in to the garden on his extendable lead, he seemed to love the freedom but so far he resolutely refused to have a piddle.

We came back inside and while I messed about on the computer my two favourite boys settled down on the floor, snuggled up together, at the end of the bed. I spoilt it apparently by going to check where they were!

At bedtime I took Rodders out for a piddle and brought him in and put him straight in his crate in the bathroom with some treats. I then walked away and shut the door. As OH and I settled down for the night there were a few little whimpers but nothing serious.

There was peace and quiet until 4.15 when Rodders gave a few whimpers and by the time he had barked once OH was out of bed, trouser on, and beside him. He slipped the extendable lead on him as he fumbled for his shoes, and popped him outside for a piddle.

Rather than try and get him back in his crate, and risk Rodders barking the hotel down, he settled back on the floor with him. OH grabbed a cushion for his head and a fleece to cover himself with and that is where they were when I peaked at 5am and when the alarm went off at 6.30.

How amazing is my OH to do that for Rodders and I? Is it any wonder that I love him!

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