Friday, 4 November 2011

A busy afternoon

After a good snooze Rodders has come to life and we have been playing tug and chasing around before going for our walk up to the Rugby field.

As soon as I put my coat on he realised he was going out and went a bit loopy, jumping off all fours and dancing around so I corralled him at the bottom of the stairs while I got my wellies on. He sat on the second step of the stair to have his lead out on and when I opened the door he jumped from there!

We made it to the rugby field in record time so he got to do about a quarter of it before we headed for home. He didn't like it when a lady walked past him so she got a bark and he wasn't happy when a little girl ran up to give him a fuss and ran behind me. I picked him up and made sure he was OK before letting her pet him.

We got home and I kept him at the bottom of the stairs until his lead was off. He tried to escape up the stairs but I grabbed him from the fourth step and brought him back down.

We went through to the kitchen and out the kettle on and then I needed to go upstairs. He wasn't being left behind and came up with me step by step. He disappeared straight in to our bedroom and came back with a pair of knickers so they got taken off him and then we went in to the bathroom. He played with his toy while I did what I needed and then stood with his front feet on the toilet seat to watch it flush.

I carried him downstairs and put him on the floor and he ran straight back up! Obviously this is a good game!

He then wanted to chew the rolled up carpet and after trying to distract him by playing and not succeeding he got out in the garden to run off some energy.

He came flying back in and did a flying pass on his rabbit, turned round and went back for it and managed to slide in to his bowl and his yoghurt pot. This gave him a bit of a fright so the yoghurt pot got barked at before he picked it up and ran off to play.

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