Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Down, up, down, up, down

Rodders and I came downstairs so I could make a cuppa and he could have a play. He was very happy with his yoghurt pot!

He asked to go out and went to play with the stones on the patio. While I was talking to OH, to check how his journey was going, Rodders went to great lengths to bring one of the stones in getting it as far as his step before coming in and reaching over for it. He was none too happy when I took it off him and put it straight back outside. He followed me out and carried on playing. Then there was barking because he had dropped it under the patio table and he wanted it back! Stupid me went and got it for him.

We went back upstairs once he had come in so that I could have a shower. As this was his second shower of the day he was a bit confused but I gave him his Kong with kibble in it and he happily munched away.

Back downstairs to make a cuppa and have another play, and give Rodders the opportunity to go in the garden for a piddle. We also said good morning to Bob next door and hand back my spare keys, borrowed on Sunday when I couldn't find mine. Rodders got a fuss from Bob once he stopped barking and came close enough for me to be able to pick him up.

And then back up the stairs again as I had to to dry my hair. He was very good and lay behind me while I did this. He also stayed on the bed while I pottered about getting dressed, so much easier than him on the floor grabbing things as I try to put them on.

By the time we came back downstairs he was getting a bit dopey and was happy to lay on snuggle fleece. He even let me run upstairs on my own and leave him in the lounge while I grabbed my boots. He only gave one little bark and you would have thought I had been gone hours by the greeting I got when I came back in the room.

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