Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Taking advantage

I was so glad that Rodders was dopey as I needed to go to the Dr and do a bit of shopping. He seems to realise my what clothes and footwear I put on and sat quietly on the rolled up carpet watching me as I got sorted ready to go.

I explained to him that I had to go out and he needed to stay here and I would get him some puppy treats, he didn't take his eyes off me.

I put him in his bed with his treats and shut the crate door, he was silent as I walked away, locked the door and made my way to the car. It is so much easier and less stressful for me to go when he isn't crying or barking.

He was on his own for about and hour and a half. I stood as I got out the car and wondered if I could hear him, no, it was the children in the playground around the corner. I stood again on the doorstep, silence. I let myself in and walked through the lounge and he didn't make a sound until he saw me and heard me say have you been a good boy, then the puppy squeaks started. I let him out the crate and he rolled straight over for a tummy rub , then he wanted up for a snuggle.

He had been so good, no wrecked crate, no wrecked bed. This is a first, the first of many I hope. Five long heartbreaking weeks of seeing and hearing him so upset and he seems to have realised that I will always come back :-)

I walked to the door carrying him and put him on the grass but he wasn't interested in having a piddle so we came back in.

As I made a cuppa and something to eat he was playing with his yoghurt post and then asked to go outside. He was out there ages, playing with the stones and sniffing around before coming back in to beat up the yoghurt pot again.

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