Friday, 11 November 2011

An early night

Rodders wanted out for a piddle in the garden at 10.30 last night so it seemed pointless to stay up after that.

I put him in his bed with a treat, closed the crate and went upstairs.

Silence until 5.50 this morning, what a good puppy!

I came down and we had a quick fuss before heading off to the garden so he could piddle and poop.

I made a cuppa and got his breakfast. He ate a little and then went off to play in the conservatory and then we nipped upstairs so I could use the bathroom.

We came back down and he was happy playing when all of a sudden he was a little bit sick, couldn't get him out the door in time it happened so fast. It was mainly undigested kibble, so maybe he bolted what he ate?

It hasn't put him off as he has been back to eat more between bouts of playing.

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