Friday, 11 November 2011

Rodders and Lily

It took us a while to get going this morning as Rodders needed a nap around the time OH rang for a chat. Up to that point Rodders had been in and out the garden, playing in the conservatory, helping me to put the bin out the front, barking at Bob next door because he wasn't talking to him and the usual morning mayhem of beating up his toys.

As usual, I took a Kong filled with kibble upstairs to give me enough time to get washed and dressed. This works a treat and keeps Rodders quiet!

Once dressed we came downstairs and Rodders wanted in to the garden. He wasn't out there long as he heard me getting ready to go out. It is damp and miserable out there so I added a body warmer under my coat. Think I am going to need some proper wellie socks before too much longer too.

Rodders was doing summersaults as I put my coat on and even more excited by the time I got to my wellies. It took ages to get him to sit to have his lead put on and then all he wanted to do was sit and chew it!

We eventually got out of the door and headed out left to follow yesterdays route to the rugby field. Rodders spotted the chap from two doors down coming up behind us and so started messing about, I don't know why as they never talk to us & sure enough he carried straight on past without even looking at us let alone speaking.

We got to the end of Pentland and nearly to Kev & Jane's before Rodders started sitting down and refusing to walk, I just kept lifting his bum up and carrying on. We eventually got to the field and bumped straight in to a man with a dog. He knew instantly what Rodders was as his dog Lily is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle Cross) and she is 14 months old - he reckons that is also how many brain cells she has, poor Lily! Anyway, Rodders seems to have learnt his lesson from the other day and, after they both had a quick sniff, he was ready to play. We stood chatting for about 10 minutes with these two chasing each other around our legs. Rodders got batted away a couple of times but came back for more and stood his ground when required. It really was lovely to see Rodders playing with another dog!

He was sorry to see Lily go but did walk away with a few backwards glances to check if he could still see her. After a little while he decided he didn't want to walk and by this time he was too wet for me to pick him up so I got him interested in his training toy and we played for a little while and then tried the leave it command. This worked for a little while and each time he dropped it I threw it a little way in front of us for him to chase. Eventually he got bored and wanted to walk again so we carried on towards home with him carrying the toy the whole way!

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