Thursday, 17 November 2011

Earlyish start

Rodders and I carried on having a bit of a battle last night about him coming up on the sofa but I didn't give in and he stayed on the floor on snuggle fleece.

By bedtime he was in a really deep sleep and it was a struggle to wake him and get him in to the garden for a piddle. When I picked him up he went all straight legged and rigid in my arms. I carried him out and put him on the grass as normal, after a yawn he turned to walk back in. I picked him up and out him back on the grass. He came and sat beside me on the path so I put him back on the grass, he had a stretch and then headed back inside. I grabbed him again and put him back on the grass and he gave in and had a piddle.

Once we were back inside he sat on snuggle fleece by the dining table while I locked up, switched off lights and got his treats. He never walks in to his bed, he always waits for me to lift him in. He went in to his bed quietly and was happy to get his treats and for me to close the crate for the night.

Not a peep out of him until 5.45 this morning. I just wish we could get him to 6 something, far more civilised!

He has been out in the garden twice, he actually managed to let himself out the second time as I had only pulled the door too so it opened when he leant against it!

He has eaten some of his breakfast between playing with his toys and chewing things he shouldn't. He is reacting to the word no better, long may it continue. I have put my slippers on for the first time in a week and he stopped chewing those when asked. Please, please let me be getting somewhere!

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