Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Think I am forgiven

Despite having his back to me Rodders showed some interest when I got up to go upstairs and decided to come with me.

He sat outside the bathroom door and was happy for me to carry him back downstairs, infact he was making squeaky puppy noises :-)

Once back down I made my dinner and gave Rodders his. He ate most of it before asking to go in the garden to play. I let him back in while I was eating my dinner and Rodders wanted to come up so had to be told no. He went off to play with his toys in the conservatory and then found the speaker cable to chew so had to be stopped fairly quickly - twice. He did come away when asked though. I have already spoken to OH to let him know we need more cable clips ASAP.

Once I finished dinner I came through to the lounge with a couple of toys. Rodders played for a little while and then curled up on snuggle fleece at my feet.

Looks like I am forgiven then :-)

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