Thursday, 1 December 2011

OH gets stuck in traffic

Rodders slept for about an hour and then wanted to play, sometimes with his toys and sometimes doing something he shouldn't like taking the curtains for a walk so he earnt a few no's.

OH was trying to get home in time to join us at Puppy Party but the roads had a different idea. The plan had been to have a quick pasta dinner before we went and that wasn't going to happen either so I switched the oven on and threw some potatoes in for a late dinner when I got back.

Rodders wasn't too interested in his supper and only ate about half of it.

At about 7.15pm I locked the back door. Rodders now knows that this means that I am going out, he can tell by which coat goes on if he is coming too and started jumping up as soon as he spotted the dog walking coat.

He seemed to be excited about going out in the dark and was skipping along as we made our way to the car.

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