Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Getting brave

Once Rodders woke up from his nap we headed off to Pets at Home to pick up some feed for him. He was excited when I put my coat on and sat for his lead and he positively skipped to the green.

And then he sat down. And wasn't going to move. No amount of enticing him was working and we spotted Bob next door at his window laughing at us. Not sure what it was but he eventually decided he would walk to the car.

Once in the car crate with a treat Rodders was fine. We got to Pets at Home and he was happy to come out the car and trot in to the shop but sat down when he heard a big dog bark. A lady came in the door with a Chihuahua, she stopped to fuss Rodders but he was trying to hide from her dog behind me. He eventually got braver and came out, she was very patient. By the time she was ready to walk off Rodders thought he would like to play, too late now sunshine!

As we wandered around the shop lots of people stopped to talk to him and he was getting better, by the time we bumped in to the Chihuahua again he was happy to have a sniff and be sniffed. He also tried to get close to a Westie but his owner wasn't playing ball.

We paid for our shopping and got back in the car. 

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