Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gadebridge Park

I drove us to Gadebridge Park to see if a change of scene would get Rodders walking better and did it!

As soon as I got Rodders out of the car he was off, skipping along, and having a great time. We walked out of the car park and over the bridge and all of a sudden there was third huge expanse of green and he was a bit overwhelmed and sat down to have a good look around.

A lady came towards us with a Jack Russell and she stopped to talk but said her dog wasn't the best to socialise with so we kept away from her.

Rodders could hear a little one crying and he wasn't very keen on going that way so we walked straight on. He was having a great time sniffing and chasing the leaves. We were almost the whole way across when we met a welsh collie and his owner. He stopped to give Rodders a fuss and told his dog to be gentle with the puppy. Rodders tried to hide again. Slowly he got braver and started to sniff the other dog and wasn't paying attention when a further two dogs caught us up so he was a bit surprised to find another dog sniffing his rear end! He was fine with it, but again, by the time he was comfortable and wanted to play they were off on their walk.

We walked the rest of the way across the park and turned right towards the old town and then right again across the grass. So many people stopped to talk to him, he was OK with some and wanted to hide from others.  He was disgusted when a lady asked if he was a Yorkie!

Once we were on the grass he wanted to run, I upped my walking pace but it wasn't quite fast enough for him. I wonder quite how fast he would run if he was off the lead - I'm not even chancing that just yet and certainly not before he has his microchip.

We turned right again and got back to the bridge but he still seemed to be happy walking so we carried on another 100 yards. He then sat and decided he wasn't moving so I turned around to head for the car. He came a little way and sat so I tried enticing him with his training toy, it worked for a while and then he sat and played with it. Then he lay down so I picked him up and put him back on his feet, he walked back to the bridge and was quite happy to sit while I talked to two ladies with a welsh collie. He then skipped back to the car.

He seems to like Gadebridge Park!

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