Thursday, 10 November 2011


OH rang on his way to work to see how our night had gone, hadn't he read the blog, we updated it early enough!

The Kong filled with Kibble trick worked again this morning so I was able to get washed and dressed in relative peace.

Once I was downstairs it was time for a walk, how would that go today? Rodders was excited as I put on my coat and wellies and started to climb the stairs. In fact he got so excited he was at the top before he knew it and then made the silly squeaky noises because he couldn't get down! I went and got him and he sat nicely to have his lead put on.

We went out the front door and turned left and Rodders walked around the green towards Kevin and Jane's. He stopped and sat to watch a lady coming out of her house, then moved a bit further and stopped again to sit and watch a couple walking past on the other side of the road, then moved a bit further and stopped to watch a lady with a baby in a pushchair. Sometimes it was difficult to get him moving again with encouragement so I then lifted his back end up so he was standing, he soon moved then.

We eventually got to the Rugby field and he was off and running, walking, stopping to sniff, running some more. Watching a big black rook and thinking what fun it would be to chase if only I could get further than my lead!

We went straight up, almost to the first set of goal posts, before turning right towards the trees and right again towards home. We had only been out for twenty minutes so I wanted to go down the Nicky Line towards the bridge and back that way but there were a few lorries about and the air brake noise seemed to be scaring him and he wasn't going that way. I didn't want to force him and get him scared so that he stopped walking so I headed towards home. He was OK and walked nicely towards home. We came the long way back around Pentland to make up the time to make the time up to almost thirty minutes.

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