Friday, 11 November 2011

He has the devil in him

Rodders has tried to chew the carpet and me, a firm  no seems to be making him worse today, so does tapping his nose :-( I have played with him to try and distract him, we have done sit and wait with treats, we have tried to teach him to ask to go in the garden by barking - he has stopped barking to go out and just sits and looks at the door which isn't very useful if I am not watching him, still barking to come back in though - he will behave for a little while and play with his toys until he thinks I have stopped watching and then is up to more mischief.

Luckily he has decided that grey, drizzly and yuk or not he wants to play in the garden and he is chewing on a stick. I'm not ever so happy about his fascination with sticks but need the peace for a little while.

In amongst this I have tried to stand and wrap presents for my sister's birthday this weekend as we are going to see her tomorrow after we have been to puppy school.

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