Friday, 11 November 2011

Duvet Day?

When we got back from our walk I had something to eat and Rodders played a while in the conservatory with his training toy.

As soon as I got up from the dining table he came to the sofa, put his legs up and whinged like he does when he wants to come up. I sat down with him and then, once he was asleep moved him to the floor. He has slept there for over 2 hours with a brief interruption to answer the door - a chap was putting a leaflet through and spotted that I had left the key in the lock so was letting me know, oops!

Rodders woke up and we went and poop scooped the garden and let him have a piddle, he really doesn't want to be out there, it is grey, drizzly, cold and yuk.. He waited patiently while I went to the bin at the front door.

While I made a cuppa he was trying to chew the bag hanging from the kitchen door but has come away when asked - I did have to make OH wait on the phone a second while saying no though!

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