Sunday, 13 November 2011


I expected Rodders to be shattered by the time we got home as he has had two busy days, but no, he was absolutely manic for over two hours.

He was in and out of the garden barking to make sure the neighbours knew he was home, playing fetch with his ball, playing tug, chewing things he shouldn't and being told off and ignored when he would not behave or fussed and praised for good behaviour. Oh, and he managed to eat his supper in stages as he passed his bowl and he has drunk a whole bowl of water.

I was worn out and couldn't wait for OH to get home! Funnily enough Rodders decided it was time to sleep about 10 minutes before he got here. Once I knew OH was close I put Rodders in to the kitchen to make sure that I would be able to see his face as he saw Rodders for the first time.

As OH came in the back door Rodders started to bark but it didn't last long once he heard the voice. I think they were thrilled to see each other, what do you think?

Rodders has slept for most of the evening and it will soon be time for bed. I hope we have another good night!

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