Monday, 14 November 2011

Early night, early morning

Rodders was shattered after a busy weekend and slept on snuggle fleece after OH had arrived and fussed him.

As usual Rodders had to be woken up and carried out for a piddle in the garden at 10.30 and went in to his bed without a murmur.

OH heard him at 5.44 this morning so got up to come down and let him out. Apparently he was desperate for a piddle and only just made it to the grass. He then dashed back in for a fuss before going back out for a poo. They had breakfast, a bit of a play and a snuggle before coming to wake me. OH obviously wasn't quick enough as when I lifted him up on the bed he had a sock from the laundry in his mouth!

Rodders thought it was a good game to sit on my head and give me a wash, not my favourite way of coming too in the morning so I gave up and got out of bed.

Rodders is funny, he now knows where the bathroom is and dashes off in the right direction when you say Rodders, bathroom.

He and I came downstairs and left OH to shower in peace. To start with Rodders wanted a quick snuggle with me and then he sat on snuggle fleece looking towards the lounge door, giving the odd squeaky noise - he wanted his play mate back!

OH came down dressed for work and Rodders seems to know that he cannot jump up or chew.

Rodders started to sniff around the conservatory so we let him out in the garden. He only wanted to play and OH got to see him messing about with the stones at the end of the patin and the funny noises he makes when they won't move!

When OH was ready to head off to work I called Rodders to me and picked him up to make sure that he didn't try and get out the gate. As soon as OH had made his escape I put Rodders down and he firstly ran and sat at the end of the patio and then made a run to the end of the garden, then back to the patio to sit nicely and listen for him going.

Once the car had gone Rodders was happy to come in and had a little snuggle with me before falling asleep on snuggle fleece at my feet.

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