Friday, 4 November 2011

The lady from puppy training

We had a call from a lady at Rossway Dog Training School to see if we were interested in doing a Friday class, yes please!

She asked how we were getting on and if Rodders has met any others dogs yet. I explained about the puppy in Pets at Home and the dogs we have seen when out walking and that he is interested but just wants to sit and look and we talked about sit and wait. She says that it will all probably go to pot tomorrow and he will forget everything as he tries hard to concentrate.

She loved his name and asked if it was as in Del Boy so I told her the story of how his name came about. She thought that was really lovely.

She reminded me about small treats for tomorrow and I said that he will nearly do cartwheels for home made liver treats. She says they sell them at the vets she works at but she has never thought to make them herself so I passed on my recipe and told her how cheap it was to make them yourself. I took a bag out the freezer as we were talking, they are now in the fridge defrosting ready.

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